Some look for beauty while others create it. With A Bit of Better Bunting you can string a splash of colour, happiness and whimsy to every space for any occasion. Let your home embrace the romantic vintage style of days gone by, add a touch of nostalgia to a special occasion, and light up your workspace with uplifting inspiration.

At A Bit of Better Bunting all our fabrics are carefully selected for any indoor and outdoor area. Each string of bunting is individually cut, stitched and woven together with the greatest love and care to create a striking and delightful focal point.


A Bit of Better Bunting specialises in helping you to select customised bunting in any length, colour, pattern or style of your choice. We would be delighted to create a personalised bunting creation to match your event’s theme. Don’t forget that you can also order some company branded bunting to add a touch of joy and energy to the workplace. 

Choose from our wide range of elegant styles and designs in our standard 3m lengths, already created to suit every occasion. From cosmic cotton colours to the most exquisite lace, cotton lace and hessian, A Bit of Better Bunting has an extensive collection of bunting, which will add a memorable touch to your party, wedding, picnic and any other festive event.